What is Therapeutic Music Entertainment?

Therapeutic Music Entertainment (TME) is a musical performance or activity which, by virtue of its diversion, amusement and/or engaging qualities, promotes healing.

KidLinks provides Therapeutic Music Entertainment in two ways:

  1. In person, by sending our entertainers to visit children at hospitals and special care centers around the country.
  2. Online, through our Media Center. We believe children should have access to the healing power of music anytime, anywhere.

How is Therapeutic Music Entertainment different from Music Therapy?

Therapeutic Music Entertainment and Music Therapy have some elements in common. The music and musician serve their purpose in a meaningful and important way, through pain diversion, mood elevation, and creating a pleasant environment.

Some benefits of TME include the following:

Music Therapy goes a few steps further. A music therapist:

While TME concentrates on impact through performance, MT concentrates on impact through process. Both are an important part of the healing process in hospital settings.