Anastacia Quiñones-Pittman


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A first-generation Mexican American and native Texan, Anastacia Quiñones is exploring every facet of her culinary heritage — and using the finesse of her classically trained techniques — to blaze a trail of modern Mexican cuisine across Dallas and beyond.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Anastacia worked in the prestigious kitchen of San Francisco’s Jardiniére under the tutelage of chef and co- owner Traci Des Jardins. There, Anastacia honed her skills and developed her creativity, focusing on how to build and layer complex flavors into every bite.

Using her experiences, Anastacia brings her spin on modern Mexican cuisine to the forefront in Dallas — winning accolades in the process , named Best Chef of the Year 2018 for Eater Dallas, she also took top title at Dallas Observer Iron Fork 2018 and was featured in the Tacos of Texas docu-series.

Chef AQ is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of American in New York, where she worked in the prestigious kitchen of San Francisco Jardiniére under the tutelage of Chef and Co-Owner, Traci Des Jardins. Through her own personal quest for culinary knowledge, Chef AQ has developed skills true to Mexican cuisine that focus on local, seasonal ingredients transformed into beautifully plated designs that will create memorable dining experiences. A firm believer in modern Mexican, she channels her passion for creativity to build and layer complex flavors into every bite at José. As Executive Chef, AQ oversees the restaurant’s new menu development and bring a fresh twist to many of José’s popular favorites.

In her role as Executive Chef, AQ has developed her own signature Mexican dishes including flavored masas that she created for her pop-up, Tacos de Tacha. Chef AQ stated, “I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to make the food I love and create dishes that evoke memories. Paired with modern technique, my take on Mexican cuisine will now be on display at José for years to come.”


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