Gorji Restaurant

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Specializing in New Mediterranean Cuisine, Gorji melds his favorite flavors of spices, techniques and ingredients from all the countries around the Mediterranean Basin. Bringing these elements together with what is available in the markets here and by adding his interpretations he has created the “New Mediterranean Cuisine.” In a market with a “bigger is better” outlook, Gorji has kept it simple at Gorji Restaurant (formerly Canary By Gorji), his upscale, intimate 7-table restaurant in Dallas, Texas. This year, he celebrates 16 years at the helm of his small, award-winning eatery. Going against the grain, Gorji does not have televisions or rush you through your meal to turn tables and they cannot accommodate young children. Instead the emphasis is on food, flavors and the dining experience. In 2016 Gorji became Dallas’ first and only fine dining no-tipping restaurant, the National movement started by U.S. leaders of restaurant industries, top restaurateurs and five star restaurants of raising menu prices and paying employees a livable wage in pursuit of sustainable restaurant practices. Gorji continues to win numerous awards including most recently being rated #1 in food and hospitality and #3 overall in Dallas by Renzell New York.