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Mauro Maccioni recalls being seven years old and having his father dress him in a bowtie in order to be properly attired to serve champagne to diners at Le Cirque. Says Maccioni, "My brothers and I virtually grew up in our father's restaurant. As a young child I was encouraged to believe I might have the same knack as my father, and I’ve never seriously considered doing anything else." His culinary epiphany occurred at age 10 dining with his family as guests at the restaurant of the Illustrious friend and Chef Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. After eating Chef Bocuse’s famous truffle, foie gras in puff pastry soup, he found his passion.

Fast-forward to January 1996 on one of the snowiest evenings in New York City history when that formerly bow-tied Maccioni and his two brothers opened Osteria Del Circo in New York. The city was socked with a freak snowstorm which dumped close to 30 inches of snow with apparent disregard to the Maccioni brothers’ grand opening plans, but open they did, to a full house and wide acclaim.

Today, in addition to operating Osteria Del Circo and Le Cirque in New York City, Mauro and his brothers operate restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada (Le Cirque at The Bellagio Las Vegas) Dubai ( Le Cirque at the Ritz-Carlton) Circo ( Circo at the Intercontinental) and in New Dehli, India (Le Cirque at The Leela Palace). The group is opening Circo in Dallas, Texas in mid 2018. The family has also partnered with Holland American cruises to offer "An Evening at Le Cirque" in the Pinnacle Grill aboard its fleet of 15 world class ships.

For Mauro, the journey began after he earned a BA from Columbia University. In addition to honing his craft during those early days at Le Cirque, he earned his stripes working for four summers in the kitchens for Gerard Boyer's Michelin three-star Le Crayères in Reims, France. He also spent a year working at the Michelin-two star restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, staged at the Hotel Ritz in Paris,spent a summer under the tutelage of Juan Marie Arzac at his renowned Michelin-three star Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain and cooked at 1 star Michelin restaurant Romano in Viareggio, Italy.